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A Note for Lorea, Two Years Old

all this time we’ve been keeping track of your lifespan from birth in terms of months, and now we must make the switch to years. the question comes more and more steadily. “how old is she?” you’re making yourself known, baby girl. you are so pleasant and inquisitive and verbal. on the drive to Paia today your voice sounded from the backseat, “do you miss daddy, mama?” and it was so sweet and out of the blue. You said, “I miss him too.” I think he’s your favorite person. when the phone rings, your eyes light up because you know its him. he spent your birthday week with us, spoiling you with books, markers, dresses, thomas the train (your current love) and a red horse. every morning we opened presents and even still, your blue and white stripe bathing suit is special—you scream, “that’s my birthday suit,” whenever you see it.

you still love going to the beach. if we’re hanging at the house for too long, you’ll look up and say, “go to the beach?” with the most expressive, beckoning eyes. you love turtles (honu) and sometimes, in the evening time, right before dark we visit hookipa to watch the turtles come ashore to sleep. you point to the baby turtles and say, “ooooooh the baby,” in a sad voice. you sing all the time. you’ve nearly mastered the a, b, c’s. we love when you say La la la la P. I don’t want you to change, Lorea! When I’m holding you and you want me to listen, you grab my face gently with your two small hands and your nose practically touches mine and you say the words you want me to hear (are we going to Mana? tutu got that for me. what you doing mama?). whatever you do, you don’t want to do it alone. “come on! I wanna show you something” as you lead us to your book shelf or towards the fridge for a snack or outside to play in the grass. we stare in wonder at the beautiful, happy baby girl we have and breathe in every inch of you. we love you beyond measure. we love you like crazy. happy birthday to you.
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Home for the Holidays

I dream of the southwest. we touched down in arizona for a long christmas break with Jason’s family. Lorea and her cousin Lily were so connected from the start. those moments watching them brave the slide together made me wish we lived closer. I think we’ll return to the desert some day to call New Mexico home.
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Maui Potluck | Ashley Camper Photography

In the time between calling Maui home, I felt a nostalgia for the food. Of course I missed my friends and the slow and easy pace of life, but I often dreamt about the fruit: the tart lilikoi (passion fruit) that grows abundantly in the summer months, the juicy mango that stains the corners of my mouth, the fresh coconuts and fatty avocados that we clamor for at the farmer’s market. My friend Ashley and I hosted a potluck with friends at her former home in the jungles of Haiku to celebrate the foods that are iconic to the islands. We gathered around a wooden farm table on the front lawn. It was that perfect hour of hazy sunlight on Maui that signals the end of day. We had some mismatched chairs, koa wood bowls, an ukulele, grapefruit pretty enough to act as centerpiece and tropical protea blooms. We dined al fresco, as we often do. Most of us were barefoot in the grass. We were old friends and new friends, locals and transplants, joining over food and drink. There is a saying in the islands that often comes to mind when I dine on the fresh offerings, lucky we live Maui.

Check out the full details and inspiration behind the shoot on Style Me Pretty Living, featuring shots by Ashley Camper Photography.
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The New Year

We closed out 2012 with a family photo in our little cabin. It was tough to beat last year’s Christmas card but we went with a sort of Dustbowl-esque, Depression Era feel. Lorea is seven months old in these photographs and just looking at the expression on her face makes my heart ache with love. She is the sweetest babe, always mellow, super curious and happy. She’s wearing a bonnet by Starlite’s Child out of Oregon. I have a feeling its going to be a beautiful year. Photography by the awesome Ashley Camper.

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Our Second Anniversary

Our love is two years young today! In a way, it feels longer. I often wondered what changes with marriage. Why make it official, ya know? But there was definitely a shift in mindset and action after we got hitched. Its a really sweet feeling to know that you can share your dreams with another and love so freely. There is a refreshing ease to us but it wasn’t always easy. Saying yes is a beautiful act of bravery.

Our love has made us brave. Since we first kissed, we’ve quit our jobs, sold our stuff and traveled through Southeast Asia and India. We’ve lived in really ordinary places in America {Houston, Atlanta, Oklahoma City} and not-so-ordinary places {Hawaii, San Francisco, New Mexico}. We’ve driven across the country during those hot summer months, sampled really good beer in Colorado, became food snobs in Northern California, swam naked in Maui, listened to blue grass in Santa Fe, roamed the desert for arrow heads, tasted some damn fine wine in Sonoma and shared in new and old friendships in Boston. Our love made our little miracle, Lorea this year. Our love made a family we can call our own. Our love made a great adventure.
Why Love is Good. Because it’s complicated, beautiful, tortured, brutal, insane, frustrating, out-of-control, boring, gorgeous and true — because it’s bloody and full of sweat and dreams and fears and the past and the present and the future all at once — because it’s uncertain and unfair and it hurts — because it’s real and it’s right and what else is there. {via Stone Fox Bride}
Our seaside wedding in New England was photographed by our awesome friend Ashley Camper. You can see more photos on Hi-Fi weddings here and here. The top image is of Jason’s custom gold ring by Nick Potash.