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Sibella Court | Bowerbird

Bowerbird is Australian stylist Sibella Court‘s latest book that presents ones personal collections of oddities and randomness in the most beautiful way. This girl does interiors and displays like no other. So what’s with the name? She says, “Like the Australian Bowerbird, I now go far and wide to add to my collections, styling them into my home or shop once I’m home, arranging and rearranging at a whim. Loose yourself in her shop The Society Inc. here.


My Bookshelf: Bringing Up Bébé

The mamas in my life told me that the days would fly with a newborn and I didn’t quite believe them. How could you possibly fill the time, I thought? The east coaster in me wants to work in my waking hours and I’ve had to fight the guilt my whole life! But its true– with breastfeeding every few hours (or less), swaddling, changing, rocking and bouncing our little one to sleep, I’m amazed when sundown arrives. Just when I start to feel frazzled, Lorea wants to nurse and I happily sit down and put my feet up.

Breastfeeding forces us mamas to relax and take a break. Its my time to read an actual book and I’m totally enjoying Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting by Pamela Druckerman. Its got me laughing out laugh and scratching tiny stars next to the good stuff. The best of…

On Sleep: The Pause. “Before responding to an interrogation, common sense tells us to listen to the question…It’s exactly the same thing with a crying baby: the first thing to do is listen to him.” Sometimes when babies sleep their eyes move, they make noise, they suck, they move around a bit. But in reality, they’re sleeping. So you mustn’t go in all the time and disturb him while he’s sleeping. You have to learn how the baby sleeps.”

On Pleasure: “I was mystified by all the talk among French parents and educators about letting children “awaken” and “discover.” Awakening is about introducing a child to sensory experiences, including tastes. It doesn’t always require the parent’s active involvement.

…they believe that awakening will help their kids forge “inner psychological qualities such as self-assurance and tolerance of difference.” Others believe in exposing children to a variety of tastes, colors, sights, simply because doing so gives the children pleasure. This pleasure is “the motivation for life”…If we didn’t have pleasure, we wouldn’t have any reason to live.”

“There are so few years to just be a child.”

On Development: “In a sort of emancipation of babies, Dolto claimed that even infants are rational, and indeed that they understand language as soon as they’re born. It’s an intuitive, almost mystical message.”

“Human beings speak to other human beings. Some of them are big, some of them are small. But they communicate.”

“A mayor’s report on Parisian creches calls for a spirit of “energetic discovery,” in which the children are “left to exercise their appetite for experimentation of their five senses, of using their muscles, of sensations, and of physical space.”

39 Weeks, New England

Just one week till I birth a soul. I touch my belly so often, I’m not sure what I’ll do once its gone. And the thought of holding a baby in mere days, our baby, is too surreal. My friends in Hawaii sent me a photo of a row of candles, birthing candles that they plan to light at the start of my labor to send good vibes my way. I’m smiling at the thought.

Some wisdom I’ve received along the way from my greatest loves, my friends:

I felt like I knew exactly what to do all through the labor and that I was connected to some great universal knowing, like any other animal.  It’s all inside us to know what to do.

As long as no one was interfering with my process, it was all just amazing to watch.  Partly I was watching this woman who knew exactly how to do this thing she had never done before.

Then when my first baby was born, the recognition was so strong it almost knocked me over.  I remember thinking “How could you have been in my belly for 9 months and I didn’t realize it was YOU in there?”  I could not believe it.  I knew exactly who he was and everything about him….

Remember, you can do it. Your body was designed to give birth. Every push brings you closer to meeting your little being.

First and foremost, do NOT be scared! Us women have been doing this for centuries, procreating is our sacred gift and we are so bad-ass you would be amazed how your body kicks into gear during your pregnancy and labor!

Listen to your visualizations, surround yourself in light and loving kindness. Many women find it helpful to say affirmations before and during the birth process:

I love my baby. I am overflowing with love.
My baby’s birth is calm and joyous.
My baby knows how to be born.
My body knows how to give birth to this baby.
It is safe for me to breathe and let go completely…

Super radical photos from the book Transfigurations by Alex Grey

From Sea to Plate

Returning home to the south shore of Massachusetts means eating a lot of freshly-caught seafood: lobster, clam chowder, mussels, blue fish and tuna. Last night my dad grilled up a buttery halibut seasoned with salt and pepper and lemon. That’s it. I’d like to pick up this book for the family house, the latest from the Silver Spoon Italian cookbook series with 200 recipes on how to cook fish the best way possible. Nothing fancy, just straight-forward recipes from sea to plate.

Photos by Phaidon