A Note for Lorea, One Year

Baby girl. We just dropped your papa off at the airport. I rolled the window down so you could watch him as we drove away. You said bye bye in your soft, sleepy voice. Its late at night and you’re making your way around the living room in a walk-crawl hybrid, smiling, wide-eyed, free. Papa flew home for your first birthday party– said he wouldn’t miss it for the world. He loves you endlessly, Lorea! These past few weeks together he showed you how to give kisses with your mouth closed and say no no no when something upsets you and how to point to your belly button. The way he talks to you and plays with you, its too sweet.

Somewhere along the way I stopped reflecting and have been simply living in the day to day with you. The quiet moments are now busy ones with you moving at full speed, beaming with curiosity, exploring everything within reach and beyond. You circled one loop around the sun. Can you believe it, Lorea? You are one! We celebrated with a fiesta at the beach in Paia. So many friends turned up to hold you, kiss you and smother you with love. A tiny pink and white stripe beach chair was your absolute favorite gift. When in sight, you crawl straight to it, climb up and sit down contently. Yesterday you took five teeny tiny baby steps on your own. You barely moved, so cautious with your every step. We watched you from a distance, amazed at how you’ve grown! Your current word of choice for most things is dog. You are such a happy baby. When you wake, you nuzzle so close to me and smile coyly. You laugh in the moments before you nurse, giddy with excitement. Its my happy place, too. I’d do anything for you, my sweet baby girl.


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