A Note for Lorea, 11 months

Baby girl. You are tucked tightly in the ergo on front of my chest as I type this. Things have been a little harder since your papa left town a few weeks ago but we have grown close! You lean in and open-mouth kiss me when I look at you. I feel your love more and more each day, especially in the early morning hour before the sun comes up when your tiny body inches near. You already know what you want. When you’ve had enough yogurt, you swat your hand at the spoon. It always makes me laugh. You’ve been spending your days in the studio while I attempt to get work done. The box of ribbon holds your attention for a little bit, but really, you just want to be held.

You’re our little nature baby, always naked under the sun. We camped for the first time together in Huelo. You stared at the chickens outside of our tent when you woke and explored the river, clenching an apple in your hand. We hiked to the fresh water pool and you were the happiest in the cool water. You smile when you hear papa’s voice every night on the phone. I miss sharing you with him. What great things will you be doing when he sees you again? You’ll be talking so much. Hearing your soft voice is like listening to the rain. It’s sweet and perfect and you.
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