A Note for Lorea, 10 months

Sweet baby girl, you are an adventurous one. You somehow don’t look like a baby anymore. Just a small window of time passed and I turned around to find you had grown. You crawl at lightening speeds with great excitement, breathing noisily till you reach that wooden bench that tempts you daily. When you wake from your nap, you crawl out of bed on your own in the dim morning light, over the pillow barrier meant to protect you, toward the bedroom door. You peek around with curious eyes and giggle when we notice you. Nobody makes you laugh quite like your papa who spends every minute of the day with you. You love to visit the horses and greet them with an outstretched arm and a wave. You even say buyy-buyy in the softest voice. We like to play your favorite Elvis song on the record player and watch you dance! The moment the song starts you rock back and forth. You even turn the pages of your book all by yourself.

Papa will be leaving for the summer months and I know you’ll miss him like crazy. He is crazy about you, Lorea. He calls you monkey, little dove, pumpkin pie, baby girl. He tells you, you’re such a sweet baby. We love you so much. Do you know how much, baby girl?
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Photography by Ashley Camper 


3 thoughts on “A Note for Lorea, 10 months

  1. Sinda

    This brings tears of love to sting my eyes as we loved and still LOVE our Mary as much. I wish I had written her notes like this. Matt too..babies are so dear to our hearts. Love you both and thank you for sharing your notes…

    1. Sinda

      Totally. The love i felt for my babies was overwhelming always..their scent, their smile, their tiny feet and fingers, their coos, their words, their expressions…all burned on my heart for an eternity. Love lorea, haven’t met her yet, but love her through you and mary. Thank you for bringing those memories to the surface!


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