Thank God for Hana

I’m working again and not in that working from home sort of way. I rise in the morning and dash about trying to pull myself together, tend to Lorea and get out the door in time. I’ve been free of an actual schedule and any commitments for over three years. Now that I’m completely plugged in and conscious of precious time, my weekends are like solid gold to me.

Last Friday we finally planned a trip to Hana for one night only. We usually camp by the water— a place we call The Point— but this time we splurged on a house and it really felt like we got away from it all. Hana has a way of reaffirming why we live on an island, so far removed. There’s this feeling, this heavy quietness that makes you move at a slower pace, breathe in the eucalyptus air, notice the crazy tropical jungles and waterfalls and rolling hills and massive ocean. People here say Thank God for Hana and I know what they’re saying.
I debuted the retro high-waisted American Apparel bikini at Koki beach. It got mixed reviews.
Lo earned the nickname sand monkey.
The magenta ti leaf was showing off.
Enjoying one of her favorite snacks, vanilla goat milk yogurt.
The modest hike to red sand beach seemed far more dangerous with a baby in an ergo on my front. But worth it when I rounded the bend to catch this view.
Green papaya salad from the best little thai food spot in Hana. It’s always our favorite meal of the trip.
Fresh garden greens at the Kipahulu farm stand.
We took the backside of the island home. The landscape reminds me of the southwest. So beautiful!


One thought on “Thank God for Hana

  1. Sinda

    Wonderful pics…on the high waisted Bikini..I’d say if you can wear a little wet weasel, I’d stay with that..your figure is wonderful and that bottom looks like something I should wear..just saying, LOVELY one….hugs.


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