A Note for Lorea: Nine Months

I heard you wake as I was making coffee this morning. When I opened the bedroom door I found you sitting up in bed looking at your hands. You smiled when you saw my face. You are such a happy baby and you’re growing too fast. You are so strong– exploring the living room in a pretty impressive crawl, reaching out for any high surface to pull yourself up. You’re almost there. You even reach out for me and your papa when we are near. If there is a basket around full of things, you enjoy pulling each item out and inspecting it one by one. There is a thin line between your laugh and cry. Our expressions push you either way. You have a tiny mouthful of perfectly imperfect teeth (6 to be exact).

We call you our little dove, our sweet baby girl, our love bug. In the hour before you sleep you make all sorts of sounds but your ma-ma and da-da aren’t quite intentional yet. I love the way your hands wave about and your eyes widen with every sound. You continue to change us, Lorea. You challenge our love and remind us to be kind to one another, to communicate with more clarity, to show our love beyond a quick I love You. Some days we are so tired but you won’t let us be. We don’t mind all that much. You’re our everything. You mean everything to me, to papa, to us. You make everything better, Lorea.


3 thoughts on “A Note for Lorea: Nine Months

  1. wordvein

    This love letter to Lo brought tears to my eyes…and that first pic made my heart smile 🙂 You are the sweetest mama!


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