Home Sweet Home

We are finally turning our little house into a home. It only took us 4 days to find a spot and we love it! Our blue cedar-on-the-inside cottage is up a windy road in Kula where the air is chilly in the mornings and come nightfall, we can wear our sweaters. Lo is all layered up to keep warm. We are just 1 mile from our favorite French bakery and not too far from the beach. It may take a while to settle in but it feels like home!
our blue cottage and fenced in yard! first thing we did was take down those old floral drapes in the kitchen. I’m all for shabby chic but…
the view from our front door. so pastural.
my morning coffee date on the (now empty) lanai.
our singular piece of furniture found on craigslist! for the most part, craigslist in hawaii is a joke— completely overpriced junk but we scored this pottery barn leather couch and added a bit of southwestern flair.
the pile of books that patiently await the perfect bookcase. we just may have to build one.
the kitchen nook where our cookbooks and food mags sit.
our first sunday brunch at the table: scrambled eggs, roasted sweet potatoes and greens.

bathroom wall art.

more wall hangings: the pregnant hula girl tattoo flash was a gift from J when I was pregnant in hawaii last winter. she reminds me of Paz de la Huerta‘s character in Boardwalk Empire.

Lorea’s makeshift bed in those first few days spent unpacking.

the country road that takes us home.


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