We Moved to Maui

We made it home to Maui! We’ve returned to the place where we first met. This move has been in the air for awhile now. I can finally exhale. Relocating to Hawaii the second time around has involved way more than a backpack and a bike. I guess I’m not the minimalist I’d like to think I am. We arrived at the airport in Oakland, California at 5 in the morning with 7 (overweight) checked bags, two bikes, a stroller, a carseat, 4 carry-ons and the largest kennel allowed for our bulldog Kingsley. Our truck arrived on island yesterday and now we just need to find a little place to hang our hats! Today we’re checking out a cottage in Haiku, a tiny house in Kula and a plantation-style home in Makawao. Aloha!
Photo taken at Mana Foods via my Instagram


One thought on “We Moved to Maui

  1. sinda

    Oh aloha to your bad selves too!!! so proud of you to make that move. We so enjoyed your mom and dad when we got to stay Halloween night! what a beautiful environment to begin healing. Hope to reconnect with you on Maui sometime in the future! love and kisses to that beautiful baby girl!


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