Our Second Anniversary

Our love is two years young today! In a way, it feels longer. I often wondered what changes with marriage. Why make it official, ya know? But there was definitely a shift in mindset and action after we got hitched. Its a really sweet feeling to know that you can share your dreams with another and love so freely. There is a refreshing ease to us but it wasn’t always easy. Saying yes is a beautiful act of bravery.

Our love has made us brave. Since we first kissed, we’ve quit our jobs, sold our stuff and traveled through Southeast Asia and India. We’ve lived in really ordinary places in America {Houston, Atlanta, Oklahoma City} and not-so-ordinary places {Hawaii, San Francisco, New Mexico}. We’ve driven across the country during those hot summer months, sampled really good beer in Colorado, became food snobs in Northern California, swam naked in Maui, listened to blue grass in Santa Fe, roamed the desert for arrow heads, tasted some damn fine wine in Sonoma and shared in new and old friendships in Boston. Our love made our little miracle, Lorea this year. Our love made a family we can call our own. Our love made a great adventure.
Why Love is Good. Because it’s complicated, beautiful, tortured, brutal, insane, frustrating, out-of-control, boring, gorgeous and true — because it’s bloody and full of sweat and dreams and fears and the past and the present and the future all at once — because it’s uncertain and unfair and it hurts — because it’s real and it’s right and what else is there. {via Stone Fox Bride}
Our seaside wedding in New England was photographed by our awesome friend Ashley Camper. You can see more photos on Hi-Fi weddings here and here. The top image is of Jason’s custom gold ring by Nick Potash.


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