A Note for Lorea: Four Months

Our sweet baby girl. That’s what you are to us— the sweetest thing and we feel so lucky to have you. For the first few months of your life, people always asked me how I was feeling and I’d say I’m starting to feel like myself again. But I now realize that its a different kind of self. You’ve changed me. You’ve changed Jason. You’ve changed our love. You’ve illuminated everything. I can’t imagine life without you in it, sweet dove.

Everyone is struck by your beautiful eyes. I like to call you Bright Eyes. Your time with papa is so precious. You smile when you hear his voice. He’s the only one who can make you laugh. The first time you laughed, I cried. It is just so pure. Your hands clasp to meet and you laugh with your whole body. You are growing and moving, rolling over and trying to sit up. You discovered your thumb and your toes! If you could see me as I watch you sleep, you would know how great my love is…sometimes its too much. I wear you in the Ergo every morning and we walk with Kingsley through the dusty desert hills. You are so content. We are only in New Mexico for a few short weeks and then you’ll be our island babe. We will soon make a home!

When the first baby laughed
for the first time, the laugh
broke into a thousand pieces
and they all went skipping
about, and that was the
beginning of fairies.
– J.M. Barrie

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