The Long Road Home

Small talk hasn’t come easy for me these past few years. Answering the simple question where is home gets a bit long-winded. We are finally on the road back home to Maui, heading further and further west. Lorea and I touched down in Chicago for a lovely visit with my friend Olivia last week. We first met in New York outside of the dorms as college sophomores, depressed and home sick and became the best of friends. We are both in much better spirits these days. I’m her first friend to have a baby- I couldn’t wait to share Lorea with her.

Olivia was a fashion designer in New York and is now studying interior design (her thesis is childcare immersion in the workplace- interesting stuff).  She lives along Lakeshore Drive in one of the prettiest neighborhoods in the city. She has the most insane views of Lake Michigan. Her bookshelves kept me well-occupied. Those framed animal prints are from the online shop 20 x 200. And that is a real Picasso that hangs above her retro dresser in the living room!  I couldn’t stop laughing at that pen on your face cartoon print. It was a postcard that she bought in London and had framed.

We started every morning with a walk with her faux Frenchie Lola. Chicago is known for its pristine parks and brownstones covered in ivy. We grabbed a coffee at Elaine’s Coffee Call at Hotel Lincoln and hit up the farmer’s market across the street for a grilled cheese- the best Wisconsin cheddar around!

We ate our way through the windy city. We majorly indulged at Maude’s Liquor Bar one evening. Who orders oysters in the Midwest? We do. So happy to see La Fin Du Monde on the menu- my favorite beer of all time. The most delicious meal was an early dinner at La Colonial in the Gold Coast neighborhood. The flavors transported me to Southeast Asia and the vibe was total 1920s opulence. The highlight? A huge coconut macaroon topped in chocolate sauce for dessert. I’ve yet to kick my sweet tooth from pregnancy.

Olivia has a deep love for French Bulldogs. Those cool Bonjour prints are by artist Kelly Puissegur over at Retro Wale. She also has a nice cologne collection. I fell in love with Hunter by MCMC and bought it for Jason. So earthy and delicious. London artist Martin Creed has a year-long residency at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. I like what he had to say about the size of the piece MOTHERS that sits outside of the museum. “It had to be large because mothers always have to be bigger than you are” and because “it feels like mothers are the most important people in the world.” Till next time, O.


3 thoughts on “The Long Road Home

  1. sinda

    Oh what a wonderful visit! thank you for sharing…and now……back to Maui? yeah! wonderful news. I can see you at the beach already. I want to return sometime myself. It sticks with you.

      1. sinda

        We definitely plan on visiting Maui again and the same extends to you and yours..colorado waits with crowned splendor whenever you need a snow fix. in the future we want to explore trading homes with nice people around the world.

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