Lia Ices at Home

I love having that one song in my life that sounds on repeat and comes to define a time and place.  I hit play and its time travel. When I was pregnant, it was Lia Ices and I can’t seem to stop listening to Grown Unknown. Lia is a beauty. Her voice is something else, man. Love is Won kills me….

O you know I need your mystic mind
For you are leading us towards the un-blind
We know that magic is a part of life
Love is won when we aren’t bound by time

When we have animals, we’ll start a tribe
you’ll be the shepherd as we all head towards the un-blind
Fell into the fault and now we feel too deep
O Love is won when we’re bound and still feel free

Lia at home in upstate New York photographed by Emilano Granado via Design Bureau.


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