Lonely is a Freedom

I’ve always enjoyed my alone time– felt comfortable killing time in a cafe, walking a city block, eating a sandwich on some sidewalk, somewhere. Now that I have Lorea by my side, I wonder if I will feel that sense of aloneness again. Its different than having Jason near. Sometimes, when I am in bed with my head in a magazine, I forget that she is sleeping beside me. This little innocent person is right there in the bed and I’ve forgotten for a moment! I laugh and smile and my heart aches with happiness at the simple sight of her. Those moments in the day when she naps is when I dash about in a race against time, my alone time. Should I do some yoga? Get the laundry done? Actually prepare a meal? Or rest when she rests? (mamas love to give this gem of advice. I should take it). Alone doesn’t feel so alone anymore and I know this will change. I don’t mind it so much.

This video by poet, singer, songwriter Tanya Davis is quite beautiful!


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