A Note for Lorea, One Month

A month has passed as if it were a day. Your newborn look is fading away and I wish you’d stay so small and delicate. You drift into slumber with the sounds of the ocean waves. I cherish our nights together, side by side, your perfectly round head resting under my chin. Those moments when you first wake are the most tender. You stretch your arms up and curl your toes. You frown and little bubbles burst from your tiny mouth. You sleep just like your dad, curled in a ball on your side with your arms covering your eyes, shutting out the world, if only for the night.

We gave you your first bath at three weeks and I was afraid you would loose your scent, musky and sweet. Your eyes grew wide when your new skin touched the warm water. You loved it! Your tiny body slipped about and we tried to handle you with care. We give you coconut oil massages in the afternoons and your eyes smile with delight. You are our tiny dancer, kicking your legs excitedly just like you did in my belly. Sometimes I call you birdie because you chirp all day long. You cuddle up to my breast, eating feverishly throughout the day! I wonder what you see when your eyes meet mine. Our love for you grows with each passing minute. We can hardly stand it.


One thought on “A Note for Lorea, One Month

  1. cedra

    i didn’t think she could be anymore beautiful, but the accompaniment of your words just heightened this little beauty to a whole new level of love. miss you. xo


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