Little Clothes for a Little Soul

Throughout my pregnancy people would ask me what I wanted: a boy or a girl. I would respond, “We’re hoping for a human” and I never did tire from the reaction. While I didn’t really have a strong preference either way, I imagined myself with a daughter. Maybe its my strong connection with my own mom or my crazy love for my girlfriends in my life…I just pictured a little girl by my side. And the thought of J with a baby girl was way too sweet a vision. Now that we have Lorea, I’ve gone bananas for baby clothes. There are a lot of bad options out there…you know, the frilly, costume-y, pink explosion kind of bad. And there are the too-damn-cute-to-pass-up items. We had a little party for our Darling yesterday. This is the best of the best of her new gear from my nearest and dearest. How rad is the airbrushed onesie?
Custom-made airbrushed onsie; Striped hat by Kids Case; Swim cap by The Gap; Bamboo onsie + hat by Kicky Pants; Polka-dot bloomers by The Gap; Star onsie by Nununu; Romper by Little Lief; Handmade shoes by Bébé Shooz {my mother-in-laws company}; Anchor top by Ollie & Bess; Nautical bib by Electrik Kidz


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