39 Weeks, New England

Just one week till I birth a soul. I touch my belly so often, I’m not sure what I’ll do once its gone. And the thought of holding a baby in mere days, our baby, is too surreal. My friends in Hawaii sent me a photo of a row of candles, birthing candles that they plan to light at the start of my labor to send good vibes my way. I’m smiling at the thought.

Some wisdom I’ve received along the way from my greatest loves, my friends:

I felt like I knew exactly what to do all through the labor and that I was connected to some great universal knowing, like any other animal.  It’s all inside us to know what to do.

As long as no one was interfering with my process, it was all just amazing to watch.  Partly I was watching this woman who knew exactly how to do this thing she had never done before.

Then when my first baby was born, the recognition was so strong it almost knocked me over.  I remember thinking “How could you have been in my belly for 9 months and I didn’t realize it was YOU in there?”  I could not believe it.  I knew exactly who he was and everything about him….

Remember, you can do it. Your body was designed to give birth. Every push brings you closer to meeting your little being.

First and foremost, do NOT be scared! Us women have been doing this for centuries, procreating is our sacred gift and we are so bad-ass you would be amazed how your body kicks into gear during your pregnancy and labor!

Listen to your visualizations, surround yourself in light and loving kindness. Many women find it helpful to say affirmations before and during the birth process:

I love my baby. I am overflowing with love.
My baby’s birth is calm and joyous.
My baby knows how to be born.
My body knows how to give birth to this baby.
It is safe for me to breathe and let go completely…

Super radical photos from the book Transfigurations by Alex Grey

4 thoughts on “39 Weeks, New England

  1. Meshan

    Shaunna dear, I’ve given birth to four children… all of them naturally. It’s an amazing spiritual experience that will leave you feeling as though you’ve conquered the world. If I can do it, so can you because I’m only half the woman you seem to be.

  2. sinda

    Shaunna – love. The one thing to know is that you DON:T know what your labor will be like. You might take all the classes, read all the books but know…you will not know until you give your first push, what stage you are in. Sure we can tell the beginning (although i labored for a whole day without knowing that was actually labor since it felt like i was going to get a period) and we can tell the END because our body does an involuntary PUSH that bowls you over, but the in* between* ness of it all cannot go by any book or class. This in *between* ness is for you to OPEN, OPEN, OPEN, GIVE, GIVE, GIVE, and love that you don’t know. IT is all part of the great mystery. It is so natural you will recognize having done this a million times in a million lives. Enjoy the in between ness, for it is yours forever.


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