Folk Fibers + Levis

Maura Grace Ambrose lives in Austin, Texas and Folk Fibers is her creation. Her aim is a humble one— to share the craft and folklore of natural dyes, quilting, and moccasin making.  She forages for natural dyes and hand quilts each bold, new creation. I was stoked to hear that she teamed up with Jay Carroll, the man of discovery and American Heritage craft behind the Made Here project over at Levis and One Trip Pass.
A meaningful component of the Made Here store is the initiative to sell beautiful objects (non-Levi’s) that are locally and/or hand made by people who have a passion for craft, design, and artisanship. That striped one (the last image) is made entirely from recycled Levi’s and Dockers pants! So much indigo and denim.

Made Here has four stores located in Malibu, Boston, San Francisco, and New York.
Just three Folk Fibers quilts are available in each store at the moment.


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