37 Weeks, the Beach House

I snapped out of the funk. Even though baby is near, the time was passing ever so slowly last week. In the beginning of the pregnancy I found myself complaining daily about the physical changes— the slightest disruption in my usual routine threw me off. I quickly realized I was no fun to be around and that this baby growing inside of me is a blessing and will one day bring unimaginable joy to our little family. I’ve spent the past few days dealing with the logistics of prepping for a hospital birth (pre-registration paperwork, insurance) and its kind of daunting. My best friend and only mom friend suggested I reach out to local doulas to assist us while we labor at home. So I posted a request for a volunteer doula on the New England network and have received an awesome response! I can only trust that things will work out as they should so I’m surrendering control from here out.

The sun was out all weekend at the beach house and I found myself smiling at the thought of Jason and King on the road again. They are making the long drive from Texas to Boston to see us. We will soon be together.

Currently reading: Happy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
Listening to: Bonnie Prince Billy


6 thoughts on “37 Weeks, the Beach House

  1. sinda

    you are so lovely a mother already! giving your body and soul in the service of birthing a being is the highest service of all..labor with an open warm heart, knowing. Love, mamasinda

  2. Celeste

    Your words tell all and I totally feel you…. You are amazing, beautiful, and stong! So happy to hear of your surrender to your birthing process. Also excited that J and King will be with you again so soon! Love and aloha…


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