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Time Has Been So Generous

This waiting is such a strange a place to be. I’ve been holding onto our due date in my mind for so long, clinging to it for reassurance, noting it in conversations, it has become part of me. And now I’ve got to let it go! May 21 was the horizon. But the sky stretches on and on. I wish the due date was more like a due month. I keep hearing that the baby will arrive when its ready. I feel ready, baby.

Laila sent me this Past the Due Date Meditation and it made me feel calm and present last night. That and a lavender oil rub, oh my.

Breathing in, I allow myself to come into this present moment.
I affirm my gratitude for my healthy baby and healthy body.
I allow myself to acknowledge any upset I might feel regarding my baby’s due date
I breath into that space and just give myself a moment to be.

When I am ready, I take a deep breath in and allow myself to imagine my baby.
I say hello to my baby and express my deep love for my baby.
I express thoughts of love and safety for my baby.
I let my baby know “You are welcome to enter this world.  We are so eager to meet you.”
I let my baby know “This world is safe and full of love.”
I imagine all the muscles in my body opening easily to allow my baby to begin his/her descent.
I affirm that my baby and my body work in perfect harmony.

Now that I have allowed my imagination to create this image, I allow myself to relax.
I release any desires and simply allow myself to be.
I release and affirm that I am on my perfect journey.
I take comfort in knowing that I have done all that I can do.
I affirm that there is a greater plan at work in my life and I have faith in it.
In that knowing, I just allow myself to rest.

Meditation found here.



Odd Fellows Wedding Invitations

These wedding invitations are haunting and dark but oh so beautiful. Alison and Jeff share this unique vision of a Secret Society so they went with a sort of Odd Fellows inspired wedding concept. Yas of Quill & Fox did a rocking job on the design. The main wedding invitation is a folding card adorned with Masonic imagery and a variety of vintage typefaces.

39 Weeks, New England

Just one week till I birth a soul. I touch my belly so often, I’m not sure what I’ll do once its gone. And the thought of holding a baby in mere days, our baby, is too surreal. My friends in Hawaii sent me a photo of a row of candles, birthing candles that they plan to light at the start of my labor to send good vibes my way. I’m smiling at the thought.

Some wisdom I’ve received along the way from my greatest loves, my friends:

I felt like I knew exactly what to do all through the labor and that I was connected to some great universal knowing, like any other animal.  It’s all inside us to know what to do.

As long as no one was interfering with my process, it was all just amazing to watch.  Partly I was watching this woman who knew exactly how to do this thing she had never done before.

Then when my first baby was born, the recognition was so strong it almost knocked me over.  I remember thinking “How could you have been in my belly for 9 months and I didn’t realize it was YOU in there?”  I could not believe it.  I knew exactly who he was and everything about him….

Remember, you can do it. Your body was designed to give birth. Every push brings you closer to meeting your little being.

First and foremost, do NOT be scared! Us women have been doing this for centuries, procreating is our sacred gift and we are so bad-ass you would be amazed how your body kicks into gear during your pregnancy and labor!

Listen to your visualizations, surround yourself in light and loving kindness. Many women find it helpful to say affirmations before and during the birth process:

I love my baby. I am overflowing with love.
My baby’s birth is calm and joyous.
My baby knows how to be born.
My body knows how to give birth to this baby.
It is safe for me to breathe and let go completely…

Super radical photos from the book Transfigurations by Alex Grey

Ball and Buck, Boston

It seems you’ve gotta be white collar to dress blue collar these days. We hit up Ball and Buck last week, Boston’s patriotic shout-out to Made in the USA wares. They manufacture all of their garments and other products in the USA and they are proud of this mission. They should be. Everything about the space was finely curated with rugged, hunting-inspired gear and earthy scents (Caswell-Massey colognes, Baxter of California candles). I especially liked the cool odds + ends: Inventory mag, Moonshine soap, the original Field Notes. I really wanted to take that stripe leather chair and ottoman home with me.

Photos by myself.

Acid Drops

This is the second project by Unreal Estate in a series of hand painted studies that aim to psychedelically capture the styles of influential skateboarders.

The watercolor animations are done by Matt Box. Lovely and serene, isn’t it?

Hello Sailor Bistro, Cape Town

This place looks awesome but Cape Town seems so very far away from my dot in the world at the moment. I’ll settle on photographs for now. Hello Sailor is a rock ‘n roll bistro and bar in Observatory, Cape Town. It is also a sexual proposition made to a sailor by a prostitute or promiscuous woman. But back to the bistro. Chef and co-owner, Ryan McDonagh’s family was involved in the ocean scene, hence the name and nautical digs. He always wanted to name his child sailor. He settled on Max Sailor for his firstborn, a fine name if you ask me.

Photographs by Desmond via Antonia Heil.