the Song of the Fearless Mother

I’m dreaming of the birth with each passing day. I’m filled with so much nervous anticipation and more than a trace of fear for this unknown wonder. I wanted to revisit The Red Tent to gather some sort of reassurance and strength from the child rearing stories of days past. I forgot how graphic, heart-breaking and moving the midwives tales were from the tent. Whenever the laboring mother had reached the point of utter exhaustion and death was at the door, the women would sing the song of the fearless mother. Reading the words brought tears to my eyes.

Fear not,    the baby is at the door
Fear not,    he will live to bring you honor
Fear not,    the hands of the midwife are clever
Fear not,    the earth is beneath you
Fear not,    we have water and salt
Fear not,    little mother
Fear not,    mother of us all

Photos 1 + 2 by Cass Bird; Photo 3 by Hannah Lemholt Photography


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