32 weeks

I finally have a real belly. The kind that makes people stop and talk to me in the market. How far along are you? Are you having a boy or a girl? Oh, a surprise? Good, nobody does that anymore. I feel different already. I feel pregnant. Sleep doesn’t come as easily. I wake every morning face-down on my pillow, still tummy sleeping. J says in a silly voice, don’t squish the baby! This week we started listening to the hypo-birthing tapes, labeled under the new age category in my music library. I sort of giggled my way through the first round. My mind is fixated on the actual birthing process. I’ve been trying to replace fear of the unknown with hope and excitement for this new, crazy physical experience. I’m resting more, eating cucumbers for my swollen feet and reading a good book in bed during daylight. I know these calm moments of solitude are dwindling down. For now.

32 weeks with child, Houston, Texas


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