the Beach Shack Beat

I grew up by the ocean. A modest wooden shack full of succulents, bright blankets and natural light seems just right. Jay and Rachel are artists and makers. They live a few blocks from the beach in San Francisco’s outer sunset neighborhood famed for its dense layer of fog and cold water surf. And more recently, home to really fucking good sour dough bread at Outerlands (the owners of the corner restaurant live on the property with Jay and Rachel). I still dream of their open-face egg and bacon sandwich. I’ve been familiar with Jay’s work since first stepping foot into Mollusk Surf Shop. He made the awesome reclaimed wooden treehouse, car and boat in the space.

The couple’s ideal day in the outer sunset: surfing in the morning (Jay), yoga (Rachel), brunch at Outerlands, an afternoon in the studio, a sunset walk on the beach with Johnny, our dog, a home-cooked dinner with fire in the wood stove, and maybe catching a movie at the Balboa Theatre.

Home images by Molly DeCoudreaux, Source; Mollusk Surf Shop images via Afar magazine + Sprout Girl



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